Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!


I am done and freeeeeee! Hopefully I will get in, I'll let you know.

Now, I know that everyone wants to know what it is like to be a nanny, and I will tell you, but not today. What I will say is that it affords me lots of free time, which I will be using to update my blog.

But, right now, I'm going to write a post of been thinking of for a while now: Christmas in So Cal.

I consider myself a seasoned traveller, a veterane if you will. I've had it all happen to me: plane turned around because something wasn't working, been put up in a hotel two or three times (who can keep track?), almost missed countless flights, waited outside in the rain for a bus from Newark- if it sucks and it involves public transportation it has probably happened to me. This is because hillarious mishaps follow me (the reason I started a blog) and since I have been bi-costal for going on seven years now- I fly A LOT.

Knowing all of this I approach flying and travelling in general in a very casual way. I know how long it will take me to pack, how to pack, what to pack, how to keep my bag from weighing too much and how early to leave for the airport. I'm usually that girl who is settled into her prime terminal seat, reading her book and laughing to herself.

Not this time!

I flew out of T.F. Green, which is in Providence RI, at like 7 in the morning or something ungodly like that. This would have involved getting out the door of my apartment before 4 am. Thankfully I have two beautiful friends who live quite close to Providence and they let me crash at thier place.

At 6 in the morning I got into my freezing cold car and started it, I was careful to let it warm up for a while because it had died on me the night before. Everything seemed fine so I put the car in drive and rolled out...about 5 inches. MY CAR DIED! I HAD to be at the airport in twenty minutes and my car was dead. I texted Mia: Do you know how to jump a car? Her response was to throw on some clothes and drive my idiotic ass to the airport. How awesome is she??? And she was totally nice about it, and thanked me for giving her an opportunity to see the sun rise. Mia is seriously an awesome awesome lady!

But my adventure wasn't quite over. I was still too late for a holiday flight. So I did what my experience has taught me to do. I got in the curbside check line. I paid close attention to the time and when it was 35 minutes before my flight and I was still halfway back in the line, I asked to people behind me to watch my bags and went up the one of the guys. I explained my predicament and he asked if I was a good tipper. "Of course", I replied. He motioned for me to come closer, lowered his voice and said, "Get your bags and meet me in the hallway". He checked my bags on the DL and I gave him 5 bucks.

Success! I made my flight and even got a window seat. Nice

This will be continued later. I need to go pick up Alison from school now.