Friday, April 28, 2006

Won't you take me from Funky Town?

Thank you Claire, for that much needed slap into reality.

Ever since I got back from Spain I have been in such a strange funk that I just can't shake. Its like I have suddenly found myself at this place in my life where I'm just sitting here. I'm waiting for all of these things to happen but they're not quite happening yet and so I go through each day in a complete daze and I find it impossible to get the small things done. Seriously, this needs to stop because it is getting really annoying.

This strange state of mind is affecting my work as well, and that is not a good thing because eventually someone is going to notice that I am getting nearly nothing accomplished in the "7.5 hours" that I'm here every day. Somehow myspace, friendster and facebook became the most important things in my life- they're not reality folks!

Anyway, one of those things that I've been waiting for is finally going to happen: I'm moving to Jamaica Plain, otherwise know as JP or if you ask Po GayP. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am moving to the official lesbian community of Boston. Wow, sometimes I'm so gay: I just realized that I communicate with more men through my blog than in real life (mike, you are pretty much the only male that I actually talk to in person on a regular basis); I went to a women's college; I've played softball all my life (yes this is a stereotype- so what?); I play on a gay football team (not that women's football needs to be called gay to be gay); I just joined a slow pitch softball team in the Boston Alternative Women's league (BAWL); and I am moving to GayP.

This is JP (Not Funky Town)

I am also moving in with my friend Claudia, and just Claudia. The two of us are going to make our beautiful two bedroom, with dinning room, living room and enclosed balcony apartment into a cozy home- a real home. We even have plans for a room that is decorated entirely with art work by our friends- so if you have anything you want displayed in a stylish 20 something apartment send it our way.

This is Claudia and me (Don't worry I don't let
her touch my rack until she's paid me first)

Anyway, this wasn't really a post of substance- that is lame after such a long break- but I am just emerging from my coma so you're gonna have to give me a minuet.

PS. my grandpa has a girlfriend- that is pretty much all I can say about that...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pity Party

Being single can be really good sometimes and it can really suck sometimes.

I was just reminded of one of the things I hate the most about being single: there is generally no one waiting for you at the airport when you arrive home from a trip. There have been a few times in my life when someone has been there, someone who has truly missed me while I was away and would never dream of waiting a moment longer to see me. On those occasions that person usually came up to me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss and took my bags for me and drove me home.

I lied, that hasn't only happened a few times. That is also what happens every time I fly into California- and sometimes there is even a lita (grandma) and a puppy there to greet me too, and if im really lucky there's a little man (my brother). But almost without fail my mom is there with a big smile, a hug, a kiss, a new hair cut and eventually a comment about my unwaxed eyebrows. (Remind me to be more apprecative of this on my next return to the golden state)

Today, instead of all this loveliness, I flew into Boston and was confronted with the realization that once again I forgot to ask a friend to come pick me up, my clothes are not warm enough, my bag is too heavy, my cell phone is completely dead, and I have run out of tissue to blow my damn sick ass nose with!

Thank god my work is right off the blue line (airport line) and I can access it on the weekend. So here I am, updating my blog in the hopes that claudia will call and come rescue me. If not I have a bag full of warm clothes to change into and a desk that I can burden with some of my heavier articles. Thus solving most of my problems- warmth and a lighter bag; the bacterial cold and lack of hugs, kisses and a ride home are going to take longer to solve...

by the way- Spain was great, more on that later.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

¿Hola, que tal? ¡Estoy en España!

Hello everyone!

I am currently in madrid with all of my most avid blog readers: Leilani, Lindsay, Priscilla, and Carolina.

We are having a great time and acting like crazy spanish people staying up all night dancin (6 am in the clubs baby)

running out of time in the internet cafe bye