Friday, September 23, 2005

How do you shoot the devil in the back?...

...What if you miss?

Oh man! The Usual Suspects was just on TV. It is such an awesome movie!


How in the world does Kevin Spacey make being ruthlessly evil soooo cool! All I can think of at the end when its all coming together and his limp is slowly fading is: WOW he is the epitome of cool and really sexy...never mind the fact that he ruthlessly killed all these other characters that I have become attached to throughout the movie. He is awesome!

The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he didn't exist.
.........and just like that *pft* he's gone..................

Meghan and me in high school. See post below. Posted by Picasa

"He's cute!" "Yeah, I've got dibs!"

When I was in High School my best friend Meghan used to do that ALL THE TIME. By that I mean, we would meet some guy, we would both think he was cute, and she would tell me that she had dibs on him and that I couldn't try to take him. The point of this post is not to be hard on her- I have long since gotten over what I once considered ridiculous selfishness, not to mention the fact that I used her "dib calling" to justify kissing one of the boys she was dating after having called dibs. I was reminded of this past scenario when I found out I am interested in the same girl as a friend of mine.

Yesterday as my friend Newt and I were leaving football practice (yes, I play flag football) she mentioned that one of our teammates was cute. I agreed with her, then she agreed with herself, then I saw her agree and rose with a "she's very cute", and just for good measure I looked back in her direction. So, although no one called dibs, I find myself in a very similar situation as those from high school. What happens when friends like the same person? If either one of us ends up dating her will it be weird? probably doesn't matter, she probably out of our leagues anyway.

To quote Linds: "Mel, I'm not really a fan of that picture from Vivid you posted. My neck looks weird. Do I really look like that?! Love Linds"
So I have settled on a third picture...hopefully everyone will be happy with this one, although I think I look kinda funny. Of course I expect I will get an e-mail from Lei soon saying her teeth are too white ;).
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Apparently Priscilla likes this photo more than the one I chose: The Ladies in Las Vegas- Leilani (Lei or Lei-on-Me), Me (Mel), Priscilla (P not Pia), and Lindsay (Linds) in club Vivid. See Tuesday's post. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My wonderful cuddling friend Priscilla- in Vegas. See post below Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Turning Japanese...or at least 23

So I turned 23 yesterday...everyone keeps asking me how 23 case you want to ask me the answer is: it feels the same. Today my brother called me and he answered saying sorry. I had no idea why he was sorry and then I realized he hadn't called me on my birthday. I'm not sure when it happened, probably after 21, but birthday's don't really matter that much to me any more.

So here is what I did on my birthday: went to dinner with two of my best friends (Bekka and Maria) and then went over to Bekka's apartment and I watch D.E.B.S with one of my other good friends- Allison. It was perfect because I had watched D.E.B.S twice already but only by myself, I really craved other people to watch it with so I could have someone else confirm how amazing the movie is (note: one of the hard parts about being single is having to search for friends to watch movies with you). BUT just in case you have not seen it yet D.E.B.S is an amazing movie- a lesbian spy spoof complete with "smuck" sound effects while the villain is scaling a wall with suction thingies. A line from the movie as further proof: "I never wanted to be a criminal when I was growing up. I wanted to be a pirate." "Um, pirates are criminals." AMAZING!

Every year my girlfriends from high school, the four remaining in our group, get together and go to Vegas. The trip usually lands on someone's birthday and this year we went from the 9th-11th so it was close to my birthday. Since I am struggling to "make ends meet" my amazing friends chipped in $200 for my $227 plane ticket and my friend Lindsay (with an A don't get it wrong) loaned my $200 and told me that I can wait until I am more financially stable to pay her back. The trip was awesome and I couldn't have done it without Linds...she is amazing! My three girls- Linds, Leilani, and Priscilla kept cuddling with me during the weekend...I am big on cuddling!
So The weekend was well worth it just for all the cuddling. Thanks ladies I love you eternally!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hey Mel....what do you think of this Mel?

I just made my first attempt at making my blog more colorful by writing an entry that was story like... I didn't think it was great, but it wasn't bad either and I spent a good half an hour writing it. Then something happened and it all disappeared! Now I wont ever have the energy to re-write it and I'll have to wait before I can decide if I am capable of writing a story like post.

The basic point of the post was: people should not call other people by their generic nickname (ie Mel rather than Melanie) unless one of these four conditions are in play:

1) You have a personal relationship
2) You have asked
3) You have been told
4) You are at a sporting event cheering on a player

...otherwise it is just weird and kind of unsettling.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Wonderful World of Temping

So since I have yet to find a "real" job- I am not sure what I think that means yet, I am working for a temp agency. So far I have passed out fliers for RCN, passed out food samples at Costco and now (at this very moment) I am filling in for John H. McArthur's (Dean Emeritus at Harvard Business School) personal assistant.

My temp agency woke me up- it was 10am so I
should have been awake but I was not, to ask me if I could take the job....I said yes and they proceeded to call me every 10 minuets for an update on how long it would take me to get there... finally at noon I arrived. Imagine my suprise when I walked into a little office all to myself with no John McArthur in site...not the bustling and assistantless impared office that I pictured based on how urgently they needed me.

Fast foreward two hours...John is still out (the paper I was left says he had a tour at 1130 and then a meeting after that). I have retrieved and recorded 3 messages, and I have answered the phone twice and taken those messages, and finally I took the newspapers out of the incoming mail bin and rather than "toss them" as I was told to do I have left them under my purse and plan on taking them with me when I leave at 5pm.

I have checked my e-mails, all three, written e-mails, played on facebook....which I am addicted to now, read Sadaf's and Claire's blogs....thus I am updating my own. I have had a snack, drank a bottle of Nantucket Nectar apple juice which I was told to help myself to from the mini fridge. I read a little of my book, Bone Black by bell is it.

WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY PAYING ME FOR?! Surely this man is competent enough to have lasted the day without me sitting in his assistants very unconfortable and I am assming ergenomically correct chair and diddiling on her computer.

HOLD THE PHONE! John just returned...I gave him the messages....the mail came I opened it and sorted it accordingly....One of the pieces of mail was an invite from MATCH to the symphony- it promptly went into the trash when John saw it. AND the phone rang twice in a row....whew! And now back to down time....

Meanwhile life has continued for the kids at MATCH and I miss them so so much....I wish I was still there. That job was soo much work for peanuts but I would LOVE to still be there!