Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wiki What?

Linds just posted a comment about this on the previous entry but it is too precious for me to let slip by.

Some how there is a
Wikipedia entry for my high school and more than that there is a paragraph all about the Integrated Curriculum. Integrated Curriculum only lasted from 1996 to 2000, as stated in the article, does anyone recognize those years? For most of my friends and blog readers that is the four years we were in high school. Yes, I was in the first and last class of only 20 some students to graduate from Integrated Curriculum. Yet somehow it is the only program at the school that they take the time to describe in depth.

If you do read the entry don't be too impressed- that is what the program was like in theory- in reality it was a wild group made up of half students that bought into the program and half students that were told they couldn't attend the school unless the did it.

So how common is the whole high school on Wikipedia thing? Is anyone else's high school on there?

Two more pics (see post below)

The hosts and the Po Po

The authentic high school back pack

Wanna Throw a Great Party?

I think my blog posting usually serve some sort of purpose other than telling my friends about my life. But, my new roomie and I had an awesome housewarming party last week so the purpose of this blog posting is to let you know about a great party you can throw.

Come as Yourself in High School

It was amazing! Claudia and I spent our first weeks in our apartment settling in and decorating and then we decided it was time for the party. We found a door and Anastasia, the sculptor, helped me turn it into a beer pong table (complete with beer drainage hole), we bought lots of alcohol, Claud cooked up some goodies and the party started with a bang at 9 pm.

People came in all variety of outfits- everything from Miss. Big Spring(s) (Allison as her high school beauty pageant winning self) to tiny-tee jr. high Katie, Christine even came with her authentic patched-out high school back pack. There were people smoking clove cigarettes while playing beer pong, there were 12 90's music cds, there was Zima, and Boones, and Pucker being consumed everywhere. Somehow the party managed to rattle on until around 3 am and our medical machine using neighbor didn't ever complain. Most people have no idea how 6 hours of partying were spent (especially Claud and me) so we consider the party a complete success.

I could keep rambling on trying to describe the greatness but I think in this instance pictures certainly speak louder than words:

She said she wouldn't but Bekka came in full figure skater gear

Checkout the bangs on Steph...sooo high school

Oh man, the braids- I did that too!

And then out of no where a boy band appeared

At some point we ran out of food- that's when our Ikea coasters really came in handy

Chel is too cool with her cloves and Butterscotch Schnapps

Gary and my doll had some quality snuggle time

I think I have that exact Tee from Wet Seal

Newt is a couple years older- that's why she got to wear such amazing shorts!

Check out the beautiful beer pong table

Friday, May 19, 2006

And America's Next Top model is...

(cue cheesy theme music)
Yay! Danielle won. I seriously would have never watched ANTM again if she didn't. And with all the crazy misogynism (I think I made that word up) and racism this season I still may not tune in next season.

In the last episode the models had to do a commercial. Danielle was so nervous about containing her accent that she ended up sounding like she was shouting and her accent slipped out a bit at the end. So once again Tyra reprimanded her for not "turning off her accent". Meanwhile Joanie (the other finalist) let out a bit of a lisp during her commercial- but did anyone say anything about that? Nope!

I realized two things while watching the show: 1) It is ridiculous that the gave Joanie a dentist to take care of her snaggle tooth but told Danielle to just "turn off" her accent (as if people do not hire coaches to train them in that) 2) Since they chose Danielle despite her "accent problems" and despite the fact that they had no issues with Joanie, I have come to the conclusion that someone higher up must have pointed out that Tyra was favoring the Black women too much so she felt the need to start being racist. Or it could just be that old, "I did it so you can too" syndrome- does anyone know where Tyra is from?

Anyway, I'm happy and I'll probably send ANTM a letter that no one will read about how disappointed I was with the show this season...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

America's Next Generic model

Okay, so tonight is the season finale of Top model and if they don't choose Danielle this may be the last episode of Top model ever for me.

For those of you who have not been watching this season of Top model let me clue you in. Danielle is awesome. She is a completely normal person, she is not irrational or bitchy or too emotional, she is just normal and cool and basically nice and helpful to everyone- but not overly so. She is also beautiful- she has been taking great pictures since day one.

Danielle is also and individual and proud of who she is. In the first episode when there was a self proclaimed racist on the show Danielle stood her ground and told the girl why she didn't agree with what she was saying. Danielle also has a gap in her two front teeth and when Top model offered to fix it she declined saying it was her trade mark.

Apparently the people at Top model think that beautiful, strong women who are not afraid to be proud of who they are, are bad for ratings. After Danielle declined to have her teeth fixed she was berated by the judges who claimed she was "Leaving a gap for some other girl to fill," and who asked, "Do you think cover girl wants models with gaps in their teeth?" The ironic thing is that the only cover girl model that I can remember from those countless YM and Teen magazines I bought in high school is a model who had a bigger gap in her teeth than Danielle. And I don't remember her because it was ugly- at first I found it odd and then I realized how cool it was because she was distinctly different from the other cookie cutter girls.* Danielle consented to have her gap filled in BUT she would only allow the dentist to fill in some of the gap- thus continuing to assert her individuality.

Once that saga was over they started attacking Danielles accent. Danielle has a southern accent. But she doesn't have the acceptable white southern bell accent like Nicole who won last season. Oh no, Danielle has a deep south black southern accent. According to Tyra Banks, "Accents are beautiful because they show where we are from, but we have to be able to turn them off sometimes (if they make you sound black)." Funny thing is, they also made fun of Nnenna for her accent because she sounded to snooty- she has a Nigerian accent!

So in summation. If they get rid of Danielle and keep personalityless stuck up Jade, just because Danielle has an accent and a small gap in her teeth I may throw things!!! And then I will officially begin my boycott of ANTM.

There is clearly a lot more I could say about this but I need to go home...

*Next time I go home I am going to look through my collection of youth mags for that models picture, and then I am going to send it to Tyra Banks with a note about how odd it is that she decided looking generic is one of the qualifications to be a top model.

Monday, May 01, 2006

My little brother could be in Iraq

I was just on myspace, because I am addicted, and I saw this bulletin posted by Erwin a friend of my little brother:

IED is a nasty thing I must say so myself. Last night when we did our patrol. I was expecting to be just a normal patrol. But all of a sudden a really bright flash followed by an enormous BOOM took out almost the entire vehicle I was in. I was knocked unconscience. Next thing I knew I was at the aid station checking me out see if i was okay. Man I thought I was dead!!! I got lucky. Just keep praying for me for those who care about me come back home alive and well.

Why is this young boy, who has barely begun to live still in a foreign country being shot at? Why do I have to keep seeing bulletin's he has posted about losing men? Why are we still over there? Does anyone even know anymore? Does anyone pay attention?

Not that I can talk- its not like I'm out joining demonstrations. I feel a little incapacitated and I gotta run so I can make it to the Mass Coalition for Youth Violence Prevention. Maybe I'll feel productive there for once- but I highly doubt it...