Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Mountain Day!

Oh Mount Holyoke we pay thee devotion....

So today is Mountain Day at Mount Holyoke. That means Jo Jo (The College President) decided that today is the last beautiful day of fall. At Mount Holyoke is morning 2,000 women woke up to the sound of bells tolling, then they heard a random girl running up and down the hall excitedly yelping "It's Mountain Day!", some of them were probably still delirious from a long night of reading/ paper writing so they still got out of bed and walked into the bathroom where they finally noticed that all of the mirrors and stalls were covered with exclamations of "It's Mountain Day, GO BACK TO BED!". Most of those 2,000 smiled when the realization hit them and curled back up in their warm bed (many of them hadn't even gotten out of bed), and a portion of them were relieved that their gamble of not doing homework in anticipation of Mountain Day had paid off.

A few hours later the women of Mount Holyoke got up and decided what to do with their beautiful day of freedom from all responsibilities, the options were limitless: climb Mount Holyoke (this is what you're supposed to do on Mountain Day and most people do it at least once), sleep the day way, sun on the green, go to Northampton, go to Amherst, go canoeing on the lake, and the ever popular option of catching up on work.

This morning I woke up, managed to force my sore body to stand upright (after 2 football loses on Sunday and a boxing class on Monday my body is not so happy with me) and I went to the computer. I noticed that my friend Bates, who lives in Hungary had written on my Facebook wall- "Happy Mountain Day". Damn it! When I was in college a morning announcement of "Happy Mountain Day" was always followed with "go back to bed". But since I graduated this is the 3rd time I have had to trudge into work and try to be productive as a beautiful fall day wasted away without me. My inbox is filled with at least 20 e-mails from friends wishing each other a happy mountain day despite the fact that we are at work.

Mount Holyoke is a special place and I miss it and all it's quaint traditions more than ever on days like today. But I am also glad that my inbox is full of messages from fellow alumnae that I am still connected with and that we will always rejoice in the happiness of the students that we may not know by name but still know in our memory (or spirit? I don't know which).

So Happy Mountain Day to you all, Claudia and Jean and I (three of 5 Mount Holyoke Women who are all friends and all work within a quarter mile of each other) are going to get some ice cream to celebrate- you should too!


Priscilla said...

Happy Mountain Day!
Mary Wash didn't have anything like that of which I was aware. We had a lot of snow days, without snow. The mere possibility of snow and that was that.
Has it been three years since the last September of college?!
Dios mio!
How was oh oh Mexico?

leilani said...

hello hello! Happy Moutain Day to you, too! I am glad you are back and look forward to seeing you in October!!!! Everyone will be together-- for once this year :P Anyways...hello!

OasisDwlr said...

In honor of Mountain Day, I have changed my work computer wallpaper from a tropical scene to one of vibrant, fall foliage. Just for you, since "fall" is a foreign concept to me.

D.B. Echo said...

Melanie? You still there?

Priscilla said...

Hi, Melanie.
I just wanted to revise my uninformed evaluation of the artist as whom I previously referred to as lalala caw! caw! ding ding! Bjork.
Actually, her name is Bjork, and I really like her music: she creates a really full atmosphere and draws me in with the rest of it. The lyrics are also wrenching, in various directions.
I will periodically articulate more adulation upon her.


Claire said...

You in socal for thanksgiving?? Love to see you if you're around...if you're not in the area, then it's update time, my dear!