Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things...

It's a new year! The last of the two-thousand ones. In no particular order, here are my favorite new things of 2008:
  1. Rock Band - it's possible that I played this for 7 hours straight during my first encounter with it.

  2. Horizon's for Homeless Children- one of the best decisions of the year. I spend two hours a week playing with babies and toddlers living in a homeless shelter - they are always happy to see me and give lots of love. Sometimes it's tiring, but it's always rewarding.

  3. Shazam- this iphone application has driven me to greatly desire the trendy gadget. Shazam is an application that "listens" to music and tells you the name of the song and artist as well as additional information about the artist

  4. The house I live in in Rosi Square - it's red and beautiful and three stories - a dream come true

  5. Rachel's folding bike - I use this puppy soo much more than she does. It makes my life so much easier - bike to T, fold bike up, board T, get asked questions by interested strangers, unfold bike while on T, depart train, ride to school. So much easier than waiting for two buses and the T.

  6. Houseplant Christmas Tree - I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before but it is the perfect easy way to celebrate the season

  7. Avatar! - I know this show is for kids but I looooove it. You really have to watch to understand the glory of it - Ang is so cute.

  8. The Party Log- after taking hundreds of polaroids at my house parties Rachel convinced me to start a party log to display the fun without having to hang 5 cork boards - genius!

  9. Having a dishwasher - even though it doesn't work well it comforts me to know it's there

  10. Cold composting - easiest thing ever and it makes me feel good too

  11. Clothing swap parties - I had been to one before, but I had never hosted. Getting rid of lots old clothes and obtaining a few new useful pieces is one of the best reasons to have friends over - this will be an annual installment
  12. Eating very little before a double header football game my best two games in 4 years of playing, it was as if I had taken speed (I think)

  13. Chilaquiles- easy to make, healthy, and delicious - triple score!

  14. Yogi Tea - love it, thanks for introducing me Jessica

  15. Glass jar water bottles - I've broken a couple, but they're healthy and so much less trouble when they're lost

  16. Not being a nanny - I make so much less money, but I feel so much better about myself. Not that the fact that I was a nanny made me feel bad...

  17. My new tattoo - even though some people think it looks like a dirt smudge

  18. Most of my family knowing I'm gay - Prop 8 pushed me to tell them, and I'm glad

  19. Gay rallies- wish I could have gone yesterday

  20. Guerilla Queer Bar - tons of gays taking over a straight establishment, dancing before midnight, cute gay boys everywhere

  21. Happiest Toddler on the Block - so many awesome tricks and tips - if you have a toddler or work with them, get this book, it's revolutionizing

  22. Bekka and Dirty as my "wingmen", I'm not sure this is new to 2008, but I really love going out with these two
  23. Doc and Janet - Two favorite new friends of 2008. Makes me happy every time I see them - which is why Doc needs to return from Ireland!
  24. Kyle my hair dresser at DeKwa- he is gay and wonderful. Last time I went in and was very vague and he gave me a great and fun cut-love him

  25. Definitely better than "wellies"- Dirt bike riding with my dad, we always talked about it but finally started doing it in 2008. Scary but also very fun.

    **** How could I forget? Monthly Info- this site has changed my life - I enter when my period starts and it tells me when my next period will be. It also gives you all this bonus information, like how many days you average between periods, and when you are ovulating. It's incredible and I love it, I almost get excited when my period is starting so I can enter the info - almost.

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