Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things I need to accomplish before I can post

I don't know how frequently I think about posting, it's probably something like once a fortnight*.  I always tell myself that I can't, that I need to use it as a reward, that once I've accomplished some things on my list then I can post.  But the things on my list are still there, months and months later, and instead of posting I've wasted my time on Facebook - what is it with me and these social networking sites???

So I've decided that's dumb, I like posting, it's cathartic (is that the correct use of the word? I make a hobby of inventing new uses for words - I also make up words - like blipy - that's my newest one, it means light and infrequent, anyway...). So I'm going to try to make a habit of posting when I think about it.

I'm starting by posting my to do list on here in an effort to shame myself into doing some of these things:

1. Locate insurance info and find a PCP / gyno
2. Locate dental insurance info and decide if I should go back to Dr. Krown or do Tufts
3. Take care of the "great fun" credit card problem
(it is really, really shameful that I need to do these things still)
4. Rachel's gift
5. Scott's gift
6. Gifts for others
7. Holiday cards from Project Bread
8. CLEAN!!!
9. Shovel/ salt
10. Look into grad programs
11. Prep for food and fun

that's enough for now...

*This term should be used more often, and incase Doc reads this - "Love you!"

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D.B. Echo said...

Ieeeee! Facebook! Is that where you have been?

Me, too. But I've still been blogging!

Your posts are a reward - for us!

I knew that having you on my list of "Blogs I'm Following" would eventually pay off!

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