Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Turning Japanese...or at least 23

So I turned 23 yesterday...everyone keeps asking me how 23 feels...in case you want to ask me the answer is: it feels the same. Today my brother called me and he answered saying sorry. I had no idea why he was sorry and then I realized he hadn't called me on my birthday. I'm not sure when it happened, probably after 21, but birthday's don't really matter that much to me any more.

So here is what I did on my birthday: went to dinner with two of my best friends (Bekka and Maria) and then went over to Bekka's apartment and I watch D.E.B.S with one of my other good friends- Allison. It was perfect because I had watched D.E.B.S twice already but only by myself, I really craved other people to watch it with so I could have someone else confirm how amazing the movie is (note: one of the hard parts about being single is having to search for friends to watch movies with you). BUT just in case you have not seen it yet D.E.B.S is an amazing movie- a lesbian spy spoof complete with "smuck" sound effects while the villain is scaling a wall with suction thingies. A line from the movie as further proof: "I never wanted to be a criminal when I was growing up. I wanted to be a pirate." "Um, pirates are criminals." AMAZING!

Every year my girlfriends from high school, the four remaining in our group, get together and go to Vegas. The trip usually lands on someone's birthday and this year we went from the 9th-11th so it was close to my birthday. Since I am struggling to "make ends meet" my amazing friends chipped in $200 for my $227 plane ticket and my friend Lindsay (with an A don't get it wrong) loaned my $200 and told me that I can wait until I am more financially stable to pay her back. The trip was awesome and I couldn't have done it without Linds...she is amazing! My three girls- Linds, Leilani, and Priscilla kept cuddling with me during the weekend...I am big on cuddling!
So The weekend was well worth it just for all the cuddling. Thanks ladies I love you eternally!

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