Friday, September 23, 2005

"He's cute!" "Yeah, I've got dibs!"

When I was in High School my best friend Meghan used to do that ALL THE TIME. By that I mean, we would meet some guy, we would both think he was cute, and she would tell me that she had dibs on him and that I couldn't try to take him. The point of this post is not to be hard on her- I have long since gotten over what I once considered ridiculous selfishness, not to mention the fact that I used her "dib calling" to justify kissing one of the boys she was dating after having called dibs. I was reminded of this past scenario when I found out I am interested in the same girl as a friend of mine.

Yesterday as my friend Newt and I were leaving football practice (yes, I play flag football) she mentioned that one of our teammates was cute. I agreed with her, then she agreed with herself, then I saw her agree and rose with a "she's very cute", and just for good measure I looked back in her direction. So, although no one called dibs, I find myself in a very similar situation as those from high school. What happens when friends like the same person? If either one of us ends up dating her will it be weird? probably doesn't matter, she probably out of our leagues anyway.

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