Friday, September 23, 2005

To quote Linds: "Mel, I'm not really a fan of that picture from Vivid you posted. My neck looks weird. Do I really look like that?! Love Linds"
So I have settled on a third picture...hopefully everyone will be happy with this one, although I think I look kinda funny. Of course I expect I will get an e-mail from Lei soon saying her teeth are too white ;).
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Leilani said...

Hi Mel, I read you blob when work sucks!!! (but i would read it anyways, even if work did not suck)... I think all the ladies look HOT no matter what-- so they should stop saying they hate that picture of them and keep look like sexy bitches. BTW, i think my teeth do look too white for the picture... ;)

Priscilla said...

Linds, your neck looks simply smashing in that picture of us on the royal canape at our late summer abode in Venice. WTF, baby, you work it out? Do you, Mel, with those rippling calves? Lei, how hard do you make those teeth sweat to keep so oh! white? Best believe I do it to love the west coast like I do....K, bbf & lylas hahaha oops I mean lol ha ha! OMG! lmao! lmao! kit <3!!