Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm at work- yes the time is correct

I must have gotten into work late- right?
  • Nope, been here since 8 am

I must have taken a big lunch break- right?

  • Nope, I did actually leave the building to have lunch (something I dont do thaaaat often) with my friend Mike, but I felt really bad when I told my boss I was leaving and only spent like 30 min all told.

I really wanted to get to Ten Thousand Villages which closes at 7pm, so I left at 6 and now IM BACK!

On my way in I saw the doorman in his street clothes on his way home- he just politely chuckled at me.

How do you get in when the doorman has left you ask.

  • This is something I am quite used to- you go next door to the apartment building and show them your ID card. I'm used to this since I was here on Sunday, yup Sunday.

Why I am working these ridiculous hours you ask.

  • Because we have a grant due on Monday and I want to be able to take Friday off to go down to the dirty Jers and visit with my Batesy (you ready for me Bates? I'll probably be cracked out finals style!). So I will be here, at the office, working on entering in grant edits and making sure the endnotes are all in line- FUN STUFF!

But they did install my new PC today (the old one was over a decade old) and now I have speakers so I am having fun listening to everyone's myspace songs :). The only good thing about being in the office at ungodly hours- the head phones come off and the music is played out loud.

Moral of the story

  • If you feel like entertaining me do so! My roommate is afraid we may not get home in time for Project Runway (it starts at 10 pm). We gonna be here for a while!


D.B. Echo said...

Entertained, huh? Not sure how to do that. You could do what I do...cycle through my list of blogs and other site links and see if anyone has posted anything new or gotten any new comments. When you get to the bottom, start over again at the top. Just for variety, you can also run the list from bottom to top. Wheee! Parrr-tayyy!

melanerd said...

Screw you guys I'm goin home!