Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some things that are on my mind

  • Grants are stressful especially when you are only given a month
  • I am sleepy, I am always sleepy. I think my mom is right, I think my reaction to stress is to fall asleep
  • I just dropped my red G2 into the toilet at work- that sucks
  • I need to finally decide that being single is best and stop letting my head get filled with girls
  • I wish Lucy Diamond would take me away to her secret lair (I just bought D.E.B.S)
  • I need to be better about e-mailing people- especially returning e-mails
  • I need a new job- I need to be working in education
  • I need to work on getting a new job and studying for and getting into grad school
  • I can't work during the summer
  • My hand is sore from falling on it
  • When Claudia gets back from being away tonight I'm gonna have to stop walking around naked in the apartment
  • I want to see the girls I think are cute
  • 8 months is too long to go without sex
  • Again, I need to stop thinking about girls

This post became too personal, but lets be honest it will be awhile before I post again so oh well.


Priscilla said...

1. You're cute when you sleep
2. You're cute all the time
3. Other girls think you're cute and they want to see you, too
4. 8 months is long if there's no reason; if there is--distance, principles, etc.--then only do it when it's right. Otherwise, maybe you'll feel worse
5. The only reason you dropped your phone is because your hand hurts, and you fall because your brain is too full of things to afford adequate balance at all times. It could be worse, you could be floating
6. You appreciate things around you, like the weather, your skills, your community....
7. You have a wonderful heart and extraordinary abilities
8. Everything you do now and who you are today will always positively affect you in your ideal future--and you will live that future
9. "Communication Skills". They include it on work evaluations to fill up space.
10. You're a great communicator, genuinely listen, you're all heart, and people feel good around you
11. You're a go-getter. So go get her!

melanerd said...

Thanks, I love you priscilla :)

and i only dropped my pen in the toilet- I would be crying right now if it was my phone.

OasisDwlr said...

Don't remind me about communication skills on work evaluations. Whatever! I communicate just fine, biatch!

Oh, and I was talking with Matt and Amy and telling them you were worried about not working in education when applying to grad school. I told them about your MATCH experience and they both said you would get in without any problem. As long as you are enthusiastic and not a moron. So don't stress too much. Matt only had experience tutoring a family friend in math and he was accepted at UCLA, UCSB and UCI. I KNOW you'll get in.

Ditto what Priscilla said

D.B. Echo said...

See, that's one of the things I really like about you, Melanie - we have so many of the same interests. Well, at least when it comes to girls! Maybe single is best, but girls are great, too.

And by all that is holy, what is this nonsense about stopping walking around the apartment naked? By all means continue!

May we both find the girls of our dreams - and lots of them!

Kat said...

OH MY GOD Lucy Diamond and her secret lair! Let me just add a resounding "hell yes" to that, and to your post in general.


melanerd said...

I was wondering if I would get a comment about Lucy Diamond. I'm kind of really in love with her :)