Friday, August 04, 2006

Follow-up to Queer Eye

So I saw the show and was very pleased. I was a little worried, but they did a great job of making who Miles was approachable while still respecting the complexity (I think that's what I'm trying to say).

My friend Sarah informed me that it was not the first time that a trans person was on reality TV, but it was still exciting anyway, it is good to know that Queer Eye is not the only show that was willing to breach the subject.

Finally, I was also quite happy with how loving and accepting Miles' family is. I remember sophomore year we were hanging out in the library (did you notice the Vermont flag in his apartment- well that used to hang in "the fort" the space we took over in the Library) during finals and Miles was nervous about a wedding (I think) he was going to with his family. It was the first time he would be wearing a suit at a family function while his sisters would be wearing dresses. I don't think I ever heard how it went but I am glad to see where his family is at now.

Not that Frida was trans or that this is really related, but I just love Frida and that last paragraph made me think of her:

That's Frida in the middle :)


Claire said...

I saw the end of the show last night...stunning to see MHC folk on national television..I was like, I KNOW them!!!

OasisDwlr said...

I also enjoyed the show. I am trying to convince Adrian to go on it so that we can get free, cool new stuff. Too bad we don't live in the NYC area, and Adrian might be too metro to be picked :(

Adam said...

1. I met this really odd indian trans who claimed not to be a trans but then refered to himself as "a non-genetic woman". I don't know. She was kind of like the oracle too...kept speaking all night as though she were Mr. Miyagi from the Karate kid, but I also think she just had a thing for me or my friend Blake, or both of us.

either way, it was an interesting night with good food, interesting people and strange and exotic drinks I've never had before. Good times overall (and I only now wish I had had my computer to blog about it)