Monday, August 21, 2006

Working at work?

I actually have work to do here, amazing! Of course this means I have a lot less time for personal work like blogging.

I have had a few topics I've wanted to blog about- most notably my new found love for podcasts. But I just had 3,000 pounds of magnets delivered to me today, so I suppose I should concentrate on sending some of those out before we move to the 5th floor in two weeks. If you would like a magnet on Perinatal Depression in English, Spanish, Portuguese or all three let me know.

Right now I am listening to the Al Franken Show on
Air America, and they are talking about John Prescott saying that Bush is crap. Awesome that our closest ally in the "war on terror" thinks our President is crap. Al thought it might be the word for a type of pudding in England (such as spotted dick), but that idea has proved false and apparently crap means the same thing on both sides of the pond.

That is the cool thing about the work I am doing right now, it is pretty much all number crunching for the distribution plan so I can listen to interesting radio shows while doing it.


OasisDwlr said...

I could use some magnets. English and Spanish please.

D.B. Echo said...

I read the original quote, and I actually think it means something else in context:
British official: Bush admin. is 'crap'

LONDON, Aug. 17 (UPI) -- British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott neither confirms nor denies a report that he called the Bush administration "crap" at a London meeting this week.

Prescott was meeting Tuesday with members of Parliament when he used the word to characterize Washington's handling of the Middle East, The Independent reported.

Some of those present at the meeting said they could not remember Prescott making the remark. But Harry Cohen -- a Member of Parliament who represents an area where police have carried out raids in connection with the alleged plot to blow up airliners -- told the newspaper Prescott plainly used the word.

"He was talking in the context of the 'road map' in the Middle East," said Cohen. "He said he only gave support to the war on Iraq because they were promised the road map. But he said the Bush administration had been crap on that."

Cohen said asked that the remark be left out of the meeting's minutes.

Prescott's office declined to confirm or deny the use of the word "crap."

"These discussions are intended to be private and remain within the four walls," said one official. "They are private so that there may be frank discussions."
I think in this context, "crap" means "nothing" or "fuck-all." That is, they had supported the war in Iraq because they had been promised a road map to peace, and then the Bush administration had made no efforts in that direction, not holding up their end of the bargain - basically, doing crap about it.

Priscillahhh said...

Magnets! Espanol, please!

leilani said...

hello, hola, bom dia! I want one in all three please. Thank you, gracias, obrigada!