Monday, November 14, 2005

Field trip

If you live in the Boston area you should make your way to the DeCordova sculpture park and museum.

My sexy artist friend Anastasia took me on a feild trip there on Saturday. The park is tucked away in the hills of Lincoln Mass, and the beautiful winding drive through quaint wooded countryside (reminiscent of the drive from MHC to Smith) is just long enough to get you mentally and phsycially out of the city and ready to relax and take in the art.

The park itself was magnificent, and being led by an actual sculptor made it even better. The park had everything from a tree with eyeballs, to a Trojan Pig (which prompted some fun Monty Python quoting) to an archway made of tires. And almost as exciting as the art were them children everywhere, running around giddy and genuinely excited about the experience.

After it got dark we went in the cute gift store and talked dreamily about the day when we could afford to buy lots of cool stuff to decorate our house with (that last statement made it sound like we are talking about moving in....we're not, we may be lesbians but there are no Uhauls in site!).
All in all it was a great trip, and we didn't even get a chance to check out the indoor photography exhibits, so we are definitely going back.

Below are some of my favorite sculptures:
Spiral in Flux, 1999, Caroline Blessing Bowne Court
Pine Sharks, 1997, Kitty Wales

Two Big Black Hearts, 1985, Jim Dine.

I am tempted to take these pictures off because none of them even comes close to experiencing these sculptures in person. So it's decided, you have to go!


Bekka said...

mel, i'm so glad you hit up that museum. i think the mhc boston club is headed there soon...maybe this month. i've heard amazing things!

melanerd said...

Oh yay! Tell me when...I will definately join. It is so wonderful.