Friday, November 18, 2005

The Stephanie Miller Show

Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a very cute visitor for a sleep over. This visitor works very close to my house and doesn't have to be in to work until 9 am, so consequently I end up leaving for work MUCH later than usual (I usually leave at 7:20 to arrive by 8 am).

These are always good mornings for me, for two reasons: 1) I get a kiss goodbye. 2) I get to listen to
The Stephanie Miller Show. I have been listening to the Stephanie Miller Show for a few months, since I started listening to Air America Radio. She is on, at least in the Boston area, starting at 9 am, if you get a chance you should listen in- it's really funny.

Anyway, I was listening on Monday and she played an "American Idiot Montage" including sound clips of Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson making frightening comments last week, and for added flair she included the terrible comment Bill Bennett made a while ago. She announced that the
clip would be available on her website. You must must must click on the link and listen, it is sooooo good and scary!

As an added bonus, while on her website, I discovered that Stephanie Miller is hot! So now when I am driving I get to imagine her speaking, and the experience is just that much better.


D.B. Echo said...

That is so cool! I wish it were longer. It's not like there's a shortage of asinine comments coming from the right-wing lunatic fringe.

I wish I were in a major matropolitan area that got Air America! I know, I can always go to the website and listen to the shows. (SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY DVD AUTHORING FACILITY): Be sure to pick up LEFT OF THE DIAL, the story of the stormy and precarious early months of Air America's existence. See your favorite Air America radio personalities in action! See the background stories of political struggles and ripoffs and personality conflicts that nearly took Air America off the air! Coming soon on DVD! Buy copies for all your friends!

By the way, I've put a link to your blog from mine. I hope some of the people who visit my site come on over to visit yours!

melanerd said...

Your plug was completely appropriate. I will definately keep a look out for that DVD. And thanks a lot for the blog publicity. It's much appreciated!