Thursday, November 17, 2005

Politics and Anarchists

That title makes this post look more interesting than it is.

This was my costume this Halloween (I know Halloween was weeks ago, I kept forgetting to bring my cord into work to transfer the pictures).

I went to two Halloween parties, one was at a gay club, the other was at a friend's house. I purposely did not wear this costume to the club because I thought it would not go well (I was the faux French D.E.B instead....if you have not seen D.E.B.S go see it right now! More on that later).

I got all dressed up on Saturday night, excited about my totally fun costume. I entered the party and within minutes realized my folly. Most of the attendees were Angela's (party thrower) boyfriend's, Anarchist co-op mates (did you follow that?). Basically most of the people there were Anarchists, and Anarchists don't pay particular attention to politics because they see it as obsolete (or something). Because of this only one person in the whole party recognized who I was. He came up to me and told me he liked my costume, "Very topical". It made me happy, but I wish more people had known.

Another strange thing about the reaction to my costume is that I kept getting hit on. I was supposed to be Harriet Miers (there yah go) for christ's sake! I was trying to look frumpy!

Anyway, this post was just an excuse to put my Halloween costume on my blog since most people didn't see it and I was very proud of it.


P. Have-You-Slapped-a-Communist-Today T. said...

yeah, anarchists alongside communists rank way up there on the hypocritical scale.
I've gone as Chrissie Hynde for the past few years, 80s parties included. I empathize, though not to your same intellectual level.
Also, I would have hit on you as well. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Voulez-vous?

OasisDwlr said...

Hey. I know I know, two comments in a row, I am amazing! Ever since I have known Amanda, she has had Halloween costumes that no one has recognized: Madonna--Lucky Star era, White Trash Tramp (my personal fav), and this year, Frida Kahlo. So don't feel bad. Ciao

D.B. Echo said...

You were aiming for frumpy, instead you looked naughty-schoolgirl-ish! I doubt Harriet Miers ever looked so good!

melanerd said...
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melanerd said...

Look at all the comments! You guys make me feel so loved.

Pia, you can hit on me anytime!I want to see you as Chrissy Hynde!

Linds, so good with the double comment.

D.B., truth be told I did wear that shirt with my costume the night before (D.E.B.S. are pretty much naughty school girls)....but the skirt was calf length!