Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Evacuation Day

You though I was gonna say St. Patrick's day didn't you. What is Evacuation Day you ask. It is a holiday that government employees and schools get off in the city of Boston (no where else)- it is the day the British left the city of Boston in order to attack other cities. It had something to do with an artillary that was placed to face the city- thus intimidating the British to leave- we didn't even beat them in a battle or anything. The British "evacuated" the city on March 26th, 1776, but the city of Boston celebrates the holiday on March 17th. Hmmmm... funny that a city with tons of Irish pride and a basketball team called the celtics decided to celebrate a historic event 9 days early on St. Patricks day.

Anyway, due to this false holiday I can update about my dates with Vicky.

Here is my update:

I LIKE VICKY! And last night we danced all night and then I kissed her, and then she drove me home and then she kissed me. Yay!

And I am going to a Mutiny (her football team) fundraiser on Sunday and I am nervous cause all her football friends will be there.

I feel like a little girl. It's great!

(I can't spell check this and I am a terrible speller, c'est la vie)

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Claire said...

Eeeeee! I'm so excited!