Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lessons in Apartment hunting


"Take your imaginary boxes and paint and get out!"

(I couldn't decide which title to go with)

Claudia and I found an amazing gem of an apartment. It was a bit of a fix me up but the rent was only $1000 (lowest we have found by far) and it was in a great part of JP and we would have had our own yard. I was getting really excited about the prospect of this place! Then this morning I was talking to my boss about it and I started getting even more excited (she had friends that used to live on the street and was raving about the great potential).

By the time I got to work (I had an awesome advisory committee meeting this morning and didn't get to the main office until 1 pm) I had already had apartment painting parties, moved in, had a house warming party, started a garden, had a couple BBQs, bought a bike, biked around to games and other various events, participated in block parties, and lovingly live in my apartment for a couple to a few years. Unfortunately when I sat down at my desk I found this e-mail:

Hi Melanie. We had several people come to the apartment
last night and it was taken right away for April 1.
Good luck in your apartment search!

Claudia pointed that "the bitch" didn't have to be so chipper about the whole thing. She also (as the seasoned apartment hunter) told me that you cannot "mentally move in" before you have paid your deposit (let alone before you even see the place).

Lesson learned, lesson learned.

I'm taking and things and mourning my loss and looking for a new love to take my lost loves place.


Daniel said...
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Danny said...

Our apartment in Brighton will be opening up at the end of June if you're interested.

It's a 2 bedroom (1 room is kinda small, but livable), right off the B line T-stop. Heat and Water included in the rent. $1100/month. Whole Foods is a block away, really close to Brookline.

It's actually quite a steal. If you're interested you can come by and look at it.

melanerd said...

My plan gets me so many more contacts than ever expected. We actually need a May 1st move in, otherwise we totally would be interested.

darn! But thanks for thinking of me anyway :)