Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lessons in Dating

1. Don't count your chickens before they've hatched

2. Listen to your instincts, if you get the feeling they're not too interested you're probably right.

3. Don't broadcast dates because you're just gonna have to tell all those people when it ends.

4. Don't be serious before it's serious- just have fun.

5. Don't convince yourself you like someone just because you are excited about the prospect of dating.


These are all good things to learn since as said before I have very little experience with dating.

Mike, I know you're shaking your head right now- clearly I have a lot more to learn from you.


Carolina said...

Hola Melanie, q tal? Con ganas de venir? Hoy estuve comiendo con Pris(cilla) -no le gusta q le llamen asi...mas bien lo detesta- y me conto algunas anecdotas tuyas...MUY DIVERTIDO!

Espero conocerlas a todas, un beso.

ñññññññññññhahaha said...

hiiiiii...what´s the word?! hey, what are you doing april 8, wanna hang out? let´s meet up at the airport and go from there...take it easy miss Melanie