Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I should be stripped of my blog!

You know how they can strip generals of their titles for dishonorable conduct (like being openly gay) er something- I should be stripped of my blog for never updating.

Things are just so crazy at work all the time, and when I'm not traveling to interview care providers or putting together information for presentations, I'm looking for apartments.

Yes, apartments. Claudia and I will soon be co-workers and roommates. Okay, so I know being roommates with friends can be a bad idea, and I know living with a co-worker can be a bad idea. But I am hoping that we can make it work anyway. We have already decided to be in contact as little as possible during work (of course our boss really likes putting us on projects together....). I am just so ready to live some place that feels like home, I feel like I haven't really had a home since I left orange county 6 years ago.

In any case, I am excited! We are looking for two bedrooms in JP (with maria and the gays), Brighton, and Cambridge/Somerville, we're even checking out a place that sounds too good to be true in the South End today. We are traveling all over the city this week to check out really cute places. May 1st is our anticipated move in date- for those of you that live in the area be ready for us to bribe you with beer and pizza to help us with the moving process :). Also, start getting together your outfits for our "come as yourself in high school/ jr. high" house warming party!

Okay done with apartments. Now, my good and sexy friend Lindsay is brining my old old old old (but still functioning) laptop to Spain from OC, and then I will take it from Spain to Boston and then I will be able to use the computer from home. Then maybe I can actually update on a more regular basis, and I can re-earn my title of blogster (er something like that).

Ciao bellas (and mike)


Bekka said...

good luck with the apartment search mel! the south end could be really great...

OasisDwlr said...

So once I lug your laptop 6,000 miles to Spain, and you lug it 3,000 miles back to Boston, you'll be updating your blog more?? Is that right? Yay! I check it every day and it makes me happy when there's a new entry! Can't wait for Espana!

melanerd said...

That is what it means Linds...so it's all worth it. You get something out of it too!

Yay espana!