Monday, May 01, 2006

My little brother could be in Iraq

I was just on myspace, because I am addicted, and I saw this bulletin posted by Erwin a friend of my little brother:

IED is a nasty thing I must say so myself. Last night when we did our patrol. I was expecting to be just a normal patrol. But all of a sudden a really bright flash followed by an enormous BOOM took out almost the entire vehicle I was in. I was knocked unconscience. Next thing I knew I was at the aid station checking me out see if i was okay. Man I thought I was dead!!! I got lucky. Just keep praying for me for those who care about me come back home alive and well.

Why is this young boy, who has barely begun to live still in a foreign country being shot at? Why do I have to keep seeing bulletin's he has posted about losing men? Why are we still over there? Does anyone even know anymore? Does anyone pay attention?

Not that I can talk- its not like I'm out joining demonstrations. I feel a little incapacitated and I gotta run so I can make it to the Mass Coalition for Youth Violence Prevention. Maybe I'll feel productive there for once- but I highly doubt it...

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