Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Two more pics (see post below)

The hosts and the Po Po

The authentic high school back pack


OasisDwlr said...

AMAZING!!! I took Chicago and Adrian on a tour of SMCHS last weekend--they were not nearly as excited as I was, although I think they were impressed. They still have pictures and articles of Carson Palmer up (I mean, he graduated 8 years ago, come on!), and I found a really cute Abercrappy and Bitch sweatshirt in the lunch shelter that I took and plan on wearing tomorrow. Bye!

OasisDwlr said...

Did you know they actually have an article on Wikipedia about SMCHS. Plus, an entire paragraph describes the integrated program. I thought you might enjoy that.

melanerd said...

Hahaha, that's awesome! I think people who have never been to school in Cali would be more impressed. Did you check out the authentic SMCHS gear I'm sporting- Sue Mills skirt and Softball game day shirt- ooooh yeah!

Score on the sweatshirt- that shit's illegal dress anyway!

OasisDwlr said...

Oh ya, huh? I didn't even think that it would be against dress code. And by the way: as we walked passed the band room, there were two huge trucks/trailors for the Eagle Regiment! I guess we really can say that we helped start that! And I totally spent like an hour at work yesterday perusing and reading up on all the sports teams. I don't know why I spent so much time, I don't know anyone at the school anymore, and the softball team still sucks.