Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wanna Throw a Great Party?

I think my blog posting usually serve some sort of purpose other than telling my friends about my life. But, my new roomie and I had an awesome housewarming party last week so the purpose of this blog posting is to let you know about a great party you can throw.

Come as Yourself in High School

It was amazing! Claudia and I spent our first weeks in our apartment settling in and decorating and then we decided it was time for the party. We found a door and Anastasia, the sculptor, helped me turn it into a beer pong table (complete with beer drainage hole), we bought lots of alcohol, Claud cooked up some goodies and the party started with a bang at 9 pm.

People came in all variety of outfits- everything from Miss. Big Spring(s) (Allison as her high school beauty pageant winning self) to tiny-tee jr. high Katie, Christine even came with her authentic patched-out high school back pack. There were people smoking clove cigarettes while playing beer pong, there were 12 90's music cds, there was Zima, and Boones, and Pucker being consumed everywhere. Somehow the party managed to rattle on until around 3 am and our medical machine using neighbor didn't ever complain. Most people have no idea how 6 hours of partying were spent (especially Claud and me) so we consider the party a complete success.

I could keep rambling on trying to describe the greatness but I think in this instance pictures certainly speak louder than words:

She said she wouldn't but Bekka came in full figure skater gear

Checkout the bangs on Steph...sooo high school

Oh man, the braids- I did that too!

And then out of no where a boy band appeared

At some point we ran out of food- that's when our Ikea coasters really came in handy

Chel is too cool with her cloves and Butterscotch Schnapps

Gary and my doll had some quality snuggle time

I think I have that exact Tee from Wet Seal

Newt is a couple years older- that's why she got to wear such amazing shorts!

Check out the beautiful beer pong table

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Adam said...

We've had some killer parties here in Fallbrook, but "as you were in High School" is one we've not yet attempted. I'm going to have to reccomend this for next time we're all together...I was literally "lol"ing looking at those pictures. That blue shirt with the heart...I actually remember seeing that sometime around 96