Friday, May 19, 2006

And America's Next Top model is...

(cue cheesy theme music)
Yay! Danielle won. I seriously would have never watched ANTM again if she didn't. And with all the crazy misogynism (I think I made that word up) and racism this season I still may not tune in next season.

In the last episode the models had to do a commercial. Danielle was so nervous about containing her accent that she ended up sounding like she was shouting and her accent slipped out a bit at the end. So once again Tyra reprimanded her for not "turning off her accent". Meanwhile Joanie (the other finalist) let out a bit of a lisp during her commercial- but did anyone say anything about that? Nope!

I realized two things while watching the show: 1) It is ridiculous that the gave Joanie a dentist to take care of her snaggle tooth but told Danielle to just "turn off" her accent (as if people do not hire coaches to train them in that) 2) Since they chose Danielle despite her "accent problems" and despite the fact that they had no issues with Joanie, I have come to the conclusion that someone higher up must have pointed out that Tyra was favoring the Black women too much so she felt the need to start being racist. Or it could just be that old, "I did it so you can too" syndrome- does anyone know where Tyra is from?

Anyway, I'm happy and I'll probably send ANTM a letter that no one will read about how disappointed I was with the show this season...


chris said...

tyra really surprised me with all the remarks she made to danielle about her accent. i thought it was very inappropriate.....when people look at models they look at the pictures. think about all the models from other countries with accents, no one is telling them to change. but a black girl with a southern accent is "hood" and it needs to be changed. shame on tyra

Carolina said...

Hi Mel, what's up?

Good to see that you updated.

I just said goodbye to Priscilla's family, we've been hanging out with Alex this past days. That was fun.

How's Boston? Did you do the party of your new apt?