Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wiki What?

Linds just posted a comment about this on the previous entry but it is too precious for me to let slip by.

Some how there is a
Wikipedia entry for my high school and more than that there is a paragraph all about the Integrated Curriculum. Integrated Curriculum only lasted from 1996 to 2000, as stated in the article, does anyone recognize those years? For most of my friends and blog readers that is the four years we were in high school. Yes, I was in the first and last class of only 20 some students to graduate from Integrated Curriculum. Yet somehow it is the only program at the school that they take the time to describe in depth.

If you do read the entry don't be too impressed- that is what the program was like in theory- in reality it was a wild group made up of half students that bought into the program and half students that were told they couldn't attend the school unless the did it.

So how common is the whole high school on Wikipedia thing? Is anyone else's high school on there?


OasisDwlr said...

Dude! And what's with the shout out to the Von der Ahe's????? I bet Christy wrote the article about the school just so she could brag about that. It's not like they're the only disgustingly rich fam at the school! OK I really need to stop obsessing over this and get back to work.

Claire said...

Ok, Mel, I just had the greatest need to meet Alex's pal from Smith who also lives in Boston, is completely smart and funny (in grad school for sociology) and is just a laid-back cool type of person. You know, Claire-approved. Her blog is at - I hope you guys can meet!
PS. I miss you tons and I wish I was there so I could pinch your butt or something!

Anonymous said...

Melanie! That totally, TOTALLY looks like you in HS! Whoa! I seriously thought that you had attached some photos from HS to compare.
Don't forget to inform us of your latest intoxication. Pace out.

P.S. Help me understand the handicapped sign: It says, "Listen and type the numbers you hear" if, you know, you can't see the word verification. would you see the sign directing you to that assistance? Hmm.

melanerd said...

Claire you're cute. I miss you and I miss you pinching my butt. If Al's friend is moving to JP I'm sure we'll meet- I'm getting way into the community.

Anonymous- which sexy bitch are you? Lei or linds- can't decide

OasisDwlr said...

Wasn't me to post anonymously. And I totally rhymed. I'm amazing.

melanerd said...

oops...I meant Lei or P...and you did totally rhyme

and i think it's p, she is on an anonymous comment rampage