Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Years Resolutions

  1. Donate unnecessary clothing (seeing as I have four laundry bags FULL of clothes and no room in my closet or drawers...something must be done)
  2. Correspond with 1 distant/ out of touch friend/family per week.
  3. Get a gym membership and start working out (I am seriously lacking in the muscle department!)
  4. Stop dating/having sex with women who are actually in love with/interested in other women (step one: take a very long and total break from Cameron and Anastasia- CHECK)

So those are pretty much my resolutions...I have some other things I am doing like- budgeting my money(start saving), trying to be more healthy, only consuming my fair share of resources (Check out "More with Less: a Mennonite Cookbook- it's great), using more products that are chemical free/ green...etc, etc.

The New Year's Eve party I went to was pretty mellow...which is exactly what I needed. We went around and shared our resolutions at are the others I remember:

  • Put money into 401K (Bekka)
  • Get a puppy (Suzy)
  • Stop smoking and start dating (Bethie)
  • Start working out (Belding)...okay I stole that one
  • Respond to e-mails within one week (Sarah Hayes)

eh...there were more but that is all I remember right now....I just appreciate that Bekka's is so grown-up and Suzy's really isn't what I typically think of when I think of resolutions....


OasisDwlr said...

My New Year's resolution (which is the same as last years, and since I didn't keep it last year I thought I would try again this year) is to take more pictures. That way I can better document the complete sexiness and coolness in which my friends and I live.

melanerd said...

Oooh that is a good one...especially since we are soo sexy....we can use them when we write our book: "The Chronicles of Four Sexy Bitches"

Claire said...

You lucky bitch, getting to spend new years with all those hot MHC chicks!

melanerd said...

I knew you would be jealous... you got to spend new years with an ex model ;). Wish you were with us, then we would have been overwhelmed with hot mhc ladies!