Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Chaz Tenenbaum took his lunch at his desk...

Is it weird to sit in your sparsely decorated gray cubicle eating lunch and updating your blog?

It is only my second day here at Insulet and I don't really have any friends or anything- not that it's a big deal since I will only be here 3 or 4 weeks. I think most of the people working here are considerably older than me, the receptionist is around my age and very nice, but I don't want to go up to her desk and ask what she is doing for lunch.

I brought a bag of lunch supplies with me because I didn't have time to make my lunch this morning. Is it weird that I have a shopping bag with a loaf of bread, a safflower mayonnaise jar, mustard jar, package of turkey slices and a package of provolone slices in the office fridge? I have never worked in an office before so I don't know, do people do that? It makes sense to me, but so did putting my produce in the freezer in order to preserve it (just in case you are dense like me, here is a warning: NEVER PUT YOUR FRESH PRODUCE IN THE FREEZER, it doesn't preserve it, it kills it!). Maybe I should change the name of this blog to: "The True Adventures of a SoCalGal Living on Her Own for the First Time". What do you think? Too long? Trying to be funny but not succeeding? Anyway, I digress, what do you think about my office lunch supply? Is it weird? I need help with these things. Either way I am leaving my stash here for the week.

Speaking of things I need to know: I am not blessed with the ability to color coordinate. Is this yet another deficiency that I can blame on my mother, or was I born lacking this ability? Right now I am wearing a light tan/khaki colored shirt, forest green cords, and talc blue shoes with tan/khaki colored stripes. What do you think? Do I match? Maybe I will start planning my outfits the night before, then if color coordination is in question I will snap a digital pic, upload it onto my blog, and ask you, my readers, to tell me if it works.

Last year I lived with the people I worked with (very long story, maybe I will share it here some day). Anyway, whenever I had a color coordination issue I would step outside my room and find one of my fashion consultants: Alia and Lori (I will try to find a picture of them to upload after work- such stylish ladies!). I would ask them if I matched or I would run through my shoe options and ask what would work best. The shoes are usually where things go south for me, I can figure out how to match the top and the bottom, but the shoes, ugh! In the past my solution was to have such a plethora ("would you say I have a plethora of pinatas"...there's a prize for the first person who can name that quote!) of shoes to choose from that it was not a problem, but unfortunately during my move from MHC I lost a box with all of my favorite shoes! Thinking about it still makes me cry at night.

Anyway, it seems I have updated my half hour lunch away. More updates later when the inevitable happens and they run out of things for me to do.

Check out my new counter at the gives me all sorts of nifty stats- more on that later!

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Priscilla said...

No, [La Guapa], I would not say that it's weird for you to bring lunch supplies. I would advise you to always have a jar of salad dressing and a few things of yogurt or yogurt-like (go-gurt!) products, as well. Label. At your cubicle in a drawer you should have a box of cereal or crackers. Consider a stash of dried fruit.
Take a tomato and a block of cheese to work; it'll take you a second to cut up the tomato, sprinkle some dressing, and crumble the cheese on top. Light lunch that doesn't make you sleepy for the sleepy hours ahead.
Leave the office and get some fresh air. Bundle up.
Remember to keep the nose candy in a tightly-capped container and stored in a cool, dry place, and out of the reach of children, co-workers, dieters, and law enforcement.
To start training your eye towards coordination, dress in solid colors for a while, or at least in sparse prints. With prints, decide on which color you want to bring out, or mute, and match the shoe to complement your aim. Also, who the f cares (Mel, my brother's amended my station to "sailor" from "dirty sailor"!!)? Your body's bangin' and your face is too (your turn) effectively eclipsing any valid or invalid coordination issues (hard "s," please, like the British).
Congrats with you. I guess this all means I'll be alllll alooone in Ethpana. Times like these I wish I knew how to draw a teary-eyed-but-wisely-acquiescing emoticon.
Your blog's bangin', too.
K, Amiga. Latte.