Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ha..ha..ha..ha..HAPPY BIRTHDAY

This is Priscilla. She is amazing, and adventurous, and crazy, and UBER stylish (clearly), and
today is her 23rd birthday. She has joined the rest of us in our last year before we hit MID twenties! Priscilla posted a comment on my Chaz, so check it out to get a first hand insight as to what she is like.

Here is some information for you:
  • When we got our star tattoos Priscilla got one that could fit inside of the rest of ours because her father threatened that he would stop paying her tuition if she ever got a tat.
  • Her voice message on her cell is sexy and sultry and she never says her name.
  • We have dubbed her the "Samantha" of our group of four. (I know what you're thinking and that's not why, but it would be fine if it was ;))
  • She is Romanian
  • She lived in Spain during the summer and is going back soon.
  • The night after she wore this outfit she wore a shirt that scooped down to her naval and she had to tape it to herself, but not before Adrian, Lindsay's boyfriend, saw her tit!
  • She has a thing for barrel chested men.
  • She is completely WILD and random, and amazing and I am proud that I can call her my friend!

I Love You P! Hope your birthday is amazing!

1 comment:

Priscilla said...

oh sweetness, you flattered me so much I nearly fell out of my chair, but remember that we are reflections of our friends. Thanks, I love you.