Friday, October 21, 2005

Whatcha gonna do wit all that breast...

...all that breast inside that shirt? I'm gonna make make make you work. Make you work work, make you work.

If you have seen me since yesterday you know that I was watching the My Humps video non-stop yesterday at work. Every time I finish I project I watch it as a treat.

You have to click on the link and watch the video and you HAVE to pay attention to what Fergie does during the red "works" in the lyrics above. And then look at Fergie's and's facial expressions.

other great moments to watch for:

1. Every time goes "Ohhh" after they say "she's got me spendin'"
2. The dance move the girls do when they say "Make you scream, make you scream."
3. The dance moves during the "Imma start some drama, you don't want no drama." part...Fergie looks really silly.
4. The way Fergie sticks out her butt when she says, "And move my hump."
5. The way Fergie sticks her chest out when she says, "In the front" and the facial expression she makes.
6. After #5, the dance move does during his "Ohhh"
7. All the random and amazing stuff that goes on during the breathing part
8. Finally, the little chuckle Fergie gives at the end.

what's that you say? I am spending too much time watching this video...yes, that's true, but it's not gonna stop me from watching it at least 5 more times, and wishing that Toast wasn't retro so they would play the song and I could bust out my moves tonight!

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