Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Some good quotes

Here are some good quotes that I have heard in the last week:

"Democrats need to quit complaining that Hillary Clinton can't win the presidency and just get behind her! I am tired of it! If the democrats would just get behind her she could win, of course she could!" (paraphrased) Ed Schultz

"When we make mistakes we say, 'How fascinating. How fascinating'." Benjamin Zander (founder and conductor- Boston Philharmonic) after realizing the mic he was speaking into was turned off.

"I am a non-practicing, non-believing Catholic" Peter Mansaeu, author of "Vows : The Story of a Priest, a Nun, and Their Son"

"Looks like Miers is gonna get the boot...I am just scared to see who they're gonna dig up in her place!"(paraphrased) Mark Reily of Morning Sedition (which is the best name ever for a progressive radio show!)... finally someone else is voicing my big fear! I mean, it is the conservatives that are raising the biggest stink about Miers because they don't think she is conservative enough! So you know they are going to dig up a very obviously conservative slanted judge in her place!

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