Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Live From the Cubicle

First of all, I have decided that my previous print size was too small. My blog is boring enough as it is, I don't need to make it difficult to read to discourage people from reading it.

I am now getting the first taste of what my good buddy
Claire does all the time. I am updating my blog during work. As I type I am sitting in my own little gray cubicle in the Insulet building in the middle of suburban Massachusetts. My job so far is to enter data, scan sheets and upload, name and save said sheets. Images of Dilbert comics keep running through my mind...

Things I have decided/ observed:

1. I need to decorate my cubicle (I will be here 3-4 weeks...that's long enough right?)
2. 7 or 8 men in the office have a "weight loss pool" going on (I will describe this more below)
3. While in the bathroom the idea of doing coke while in the office flashed through my mind.
a. no, I have never
snorted coke (long story), but I could understand how someone
doing a mundane data entry job like mine would want to.
4. I like the power that my access card (which is clipped to me and has a zippy string) gives me.
5. Fall in New England is cold but gorgeous
a. since this is my 6th year out here I already new that, but I was just reminded
6. I have noticed some people wearing jeans...nice jeans + nice shirt= dressy cas.?

The weight loss pool
Dear readers, it has happened again, I have written a detailed account of something, and then pressed spell check only to have my changes disappear due to a pop-up blocker. This is at least the third time this has happened to me, you'd think I'd have learned by now! Anyway here is the gist:
  • men, no women, just men in a weight loss pool
  • participants are weighed weekly
  • for each pound lost you are paid one dollar by each of the other participants
  • if you gain weight you pay each participant $2
  • you must pay $50 for early evacuation from the pool
  • there is no consideration for percentage of body weight lost (big guys and small guys get paid the same for each pound lost)
  • some guy was upset and having a fit about his less than pound weight loss not counting since he was small to begin with....if he was small to begin with why did he enter the pool? (my guess is it was peer pressure, like when the "cool kids" tried to get you to smoke cigarettes in Jr. High!)
  • I appreciate men complaining to each other about their weight loss problems
  • of course men found a way to make weight loss a competitive sport!


D.B. Echo said...

Thanks for the font size change! I've been coming here for a couple of weeks, ever since I found you while doing a "Next Blog" random walk, and your small font size against a mossy green background has not made this the easiest blog to read. (Font colors hurt, too, though light blue in the larger font size is definitely the easiest to read against the green background!) So, yayy, I might not always have to select the text to read it as white-text-on-a-blue-background.

Anyhoo. Alwasys neat to randomly find a blogger out there who has an interesting blog!

melanerd said...

Thanks for your support and feedback! I dont like the way the bigger font looks tho....what do you think of the small font with the light blue?

D.B. Echo said...

Light blue in the smaller text works, too!

1PatsFan said...
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1PatsFan said...

I hope that you were commenting on me wearing the nice jeans and nice shirt....It was nice having you there for the short time...