Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fighting Irish

This is my flag football team, The Fighting Irish. We won our first game this past weekend! WOOHOO!

I lost my position as running back and am now officially an outside linebacker. (Yes, that is a big kid position, and yes, as Cam pointed out, I am the smallest person on the team). The top picture is of the new team. See the woman in the white in the back center? She is who I was up against most of the time (thats my head poking out in the back). That woman is twice my size and I did such a good job shutting her out on one play that she gave me a disgruntled shove after the play was over. GRRR...I am tough!

I love my team, we all hug every time we leave each other. Lesbians playing football and hugging, so cute!


Claire said...

That looks like so much fun! How did you find your team?

melanerd said...

It is soooo much fun. My friend Newt (Laura) from MHC softball found it and let me know about it. It is really really healthy for me, I love being part of a team.