Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

If, like me, you are from a baseball loving Orange County family you are excited about the Angeles being in the American League playoffs. What I am not excited about is the perpetuation of the myth that Orange County is in fact just an extension of Los Angeles. Three years ago the Angeles won the world series as the Anaheim Angeles- ANAHEIM, it's in Orange County, it's where Disneyland is, it is NOT a part of Los Angeles County. Now, due to the marketability of "Los Angeles" their name has been changed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Every time I see the score of and Angeles game go by under the title LAA I wonder, "What baseball team is in Louisiana?" Now if I saw LAD I would know it was referring to the LA Dodgers. To tell the truth I am more of a Dodgers fan than an Angeles fan, but it is not because they are from exotic LA, it's because I grew up in an Los Angeles County family with a grandmother who loved Tommy Lasorda- I too love Tommy and miss him.

Point being: LA is a city in Los Angeles County which is the county directly North of Orange County where Anaheim is. They are in fact two separate counties. I am tired of saying I am from Orange County and having people respond, "Oh, so LA"...I would rather they say, "Like the O.C.", because that (albeit sad) is a lot more accurate!

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